3 Benefits of the Design/Build Process

If you’re considering remodeling any part of your home, you may be wondering about the differences in a design/build company and a remodeler or general contractor. The differences are significant and the design/build process offers many benefits.

Remodelers and general contractors rarely offer total design and construction services. Rather, they focus on the remodel itself. That may mean you have to hire a separate designer or even an architect. When you choose a design/build company, the entire process – from design to renderings, architectural changes and construction – is handled by one company. That in itself is a benefit, however, there are others.


We think this is the biggest benefit of the design/build process. You, as the homeowner, have one point of contact. When there are questions, you know whom to ask. This is also true for the on-site team. If there are questions in the plans, a plumber or tile installer knows they can reach out to the project lead and get the right answer. Projects handled using a well-thought-out design/build process have less confusion and higher levels of satisfaction than projects where a designer relays what the customer wants to an architect, who then provides plans for a contractor who does the work.


The more companies you need to pay to get a job done, the more expensive the job will be. Most homeowners who start remodeling their home have a set budget. When you work with a design/build company, it’s easier to stay within budget, not only because you’re paying fewer people but also because the design/build company knows the cost of each element – from the cabinets to the cost of the plumber relocating pipes – so they’re working within your budget from the very beginning. 

Faster Timeline

The fewer companies involved, the faster the job can move. Your designer knows how long it will take to manufacture custom cabinets and your contractor knows how long it will take them to get to the point of needing those cabinets for installation. But if the contractor doesn’t realize there is a six-week lead time, they may not order them far enough in advance. With the design/build process, your designer and the foreman are on the same team and have communicated when items need to be ordered so there are rarely delays because of lead time. All of this helps the remodeling project finish more quickly than if you were to work with separate people on the same project.

Our 6-Step Design/Build Process

Over decades as a design/build company, we’ve refined our design/build process to benefit our customers. In short, the steps are:

  1. Needs Assessment Consultation
  2. Preliminary Design Development
  3. Final Design Development
  4. Pre-Production Process
  5. Project Production
  6. Project Completion

You and your project lead will communicate throughout the process to provide you with a newly remodeled space you love. Read more about our six-step process.

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