How to Incorporate Kitchen Remodeling Trends

As you plan your kitchen remodel, you may be looking at the latest kitchen remodeling trends. They vary, depending on the style you’re considering. However, choosing too many trending features can make your new space appear disjointed. Choosing the wrong trends will quickly date your kitchen. Here are some ways to incorporate the latest trends in kitchen design and love your new space for years to come.

How to Incorporate Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Work With a Designer

There are lots of ways to work with a designer. One of the easiest is to choose a design/build company. Our designers can help you choose a cohesive look and make sure that craftsmen execute the design to perfection. 

Start With Your Most Important Design Element

Some homeowners gain inspiration from a piece of tile. Others fall in love with a color palette. If you have a must-have element for your kitchen, start there. You and your design/build company can incorporate trends for a modern look and include that special piece when planning the kitchen remodel.

Limit Trendy Items 

There are many trends you could choose for your kitchen remodel. However, exercise restraint when choosing them. Some simply don’t go well together, and too many at once will make your kitchen feel dated faster. Here are a few trends experts predict will continue through 2021 and beyond:

  • Greige color palettes – If you’re not familiar with greige, it’s described as a combination of gray and beige. As people spend more time at home, they want a warm feel in their kitchen and greige provides this over the cool greys, blacks and whites that trended previously.
  • Bold lighting – Not only should your new kitchen include plenty of light, light fixtures should be bold and visible. Select a style that fits the look you’re going for in a bold, contrasting color, material or texture.
  • Open shelves – When storage is at a premium, this may not be your best option. However, if you have the space, open shelves rather than upper cabinets continue to be a popular (and cost-saving) trend.
  • Mixed metals – For a long time, only one or possibly two metals were common in a kitchen remodel. For example, if you had stainless steel appliances and black faucets, you would be encouraged to choose black cabinet knobs and countertop appliances. Today, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix finishes when done cohesively.
  • Colorful appliances & cabinets – Gone are the days when appliances were only black, white, almond or stainless. Now many manufacturers offer them in bright colors and glossy finishes. The same can be said of cabinets. Although natural wood finishes and neutrals are still common, many cabinet manufacturers also offer a wide variety of colors.

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