Creating a Stunning White Kitchen

White kitchens have popular on and off for decades. For some, it’s the ultimate in clean, which everyone wants for a kitchen. If you are planning a kitchen remodel and don’t yet have a color scheme chosen, here are some things to think about if white is an option for you.

creating a stunning white kitchen

Why Consider White

White kitchens never really go out of style. Many homeowners love the luxurious and clean feel of working in a white kitchen. Additionally, if the space is small or has little natural light, white will make it feel brighter and larger too. It provides a neutral backdrop if you like to change out your décor regularly or with the season. You really can’t go wrong with all-white for your kitchen remodel.

How to Do White With Style

As an experienced design/build company, we have heard many reasons people don’t want a white kitchen. When a family says they want something darker, usually it’s because they have experienced wiping down food and fingerprints from cabinets and appliances for years. Other families see the kitchen as the heart of the home but interpret the white color as cold and sterile. We’ve even heard it described as “institutional”. 

An all-white kitchen remodel can certainly be done with style. It doesn’t have to look sterile, cold or institutional. It all depends on the elements you choose for the kitchen. One of the reasons to work with a design/build company is that a designer will help you create a warm, cohesive look rather than a cold-feeling space. Here are a few things we’ve done for other clients:

  • Stylish cabinets – Consider a cabinet with curves, crown molding or both. Other options include glass fronts or even some open shelving.
  • Dynamic backsplash – If you’re a purist, there are many white tiles that have patterns in white. However, even in an all-white kitchen, you can have a backsplash with some color. Look at tile with a white background and a colored pattern. Or consider a white tile with a grout color that coordinates with your faucets, appliances or cabinet knobs and pulls.
  • Cabinet knobs and pulls – There are so many options for these, from different colors to different styles. Choose something that creates visual interest against your white backdrop.
  • Décor – Whether you have wall space or you love decorating your counter, this can break up an expanse of white in a kitchen remodel. A few examples include plants (both live and artificial), platters and seasonal items.

Let G.M. Roth Design Remodeling Help With Your Kitchen Remodel

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