5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Kitchen remodeling is a big investment. You don’t want to finish it and find that you don’t love everything about it! If you’re about to start a remodel, make sure that you’re working with an experienced design/build company to avoid making mistakes in design that will prevent you from loving the end result. 

5 kitchen remodeling mistakes you dont want to make

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not planning for enough storage. One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their current kitchen (other than it’s dated) is that there isn’t enough storage space. When most kitchens were designed, homeowners had only a few countertop appliances: a blender, toaster and/or toaster oven and maybe a breadmaker. Today, we have all these and more! And, boy, do they take up a lot of space. As you and your design/build company start planning your new kitchen, look at what you have and what you need space to store. Know the dimensions so you can plan your space accordingly. 
  • Forgetting to plan for recycling. Most families create both trash and recycling daily. However, not everyone plans a place for both trash and recycling in their kitchen, where the bulk of it originates. Although every municipality handles recycling differently, one of the best things to do is have a dry recycling area (for cardboard and Styrofoam) and a wet recycling area for cans, jars and plastic. 
  • Choosing cheap cabinets. Quality semi-custom and custom cabinetry will last longer and look more attractive than cheap stock cabinets. It will also have more features to help maximize your storage and usability of the space. The finish will be more durable, and you’ll get a longer life out of the cabinets even if you decide to re-paint them in the future. You may also be surprised at the small difference in price between a quality semi-custom cabinet and a stock cabinet.
  • Too little light. Think about your current lighting. Stand in your kitchen with the lights on at night and look at where the countertops are dark. Do you need to add more lighting? Would a different type of lighting be more beneficial? Your design/build company can educate you on options such as can lighting (which often adds significant light over florescent lights), undercabinet lighting and pendant lights. Different kitchen remodeling designs require different amounts and types of lighting. Don’t skimp on it and end up with dark areas in your kitchen.
  • Not enough power. Just like the storage problem, we often hear the complaint about not enough power in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s not enough outlets; other times, it’s a problem with circuitry. Things like instant pots and air fryers often require the power from the entire outlet. If you try to run both an air fryer and a toaster oven at the same time, you don’t want to trip the breaker. Make sure your design/build company understands how and what you use in your kitchen so they design the right circuitry.

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