Thinking of Design/Build as One-Stop Shopping

Not all remodelers and contractors are design/build companies. Many remodelers need to hire an architect and partner with a designer before they can give you a quote. There is a lot that can be lost by hiring a separate designer, architect and remodeler. Design/build companies offer a one-stop experience. It not only speeds up the timeline, it is often more affordable. However, more than just a faster and more affordable remodel, we have other reasons we think you’ll love the design/build process.

thinking of design build as one stop shopping

A True Consultation

Our designers get to know you before putting together a design or quote. We will ask questions for find out what you don’t love about your current space and make suggestions on ways they can improve your space. They understand the building process, the materials available and how to it will all go together. When they have questions about structural support, building codes and other things, they know just who to ask and have a direct line of communication with them throughout the process. 

After the consultation, they’ll talk with the building team and put together an initial design with an estimate. You won’t have to wait for the designer to send their concept to an architect and then find remodelers to provide a quote. It’s all handled in-house.

Choose From Our Reliable Suppliers

Once you’ve decided on a plan for your bathroom, kitchen or whole-home remodel, we’ll begin the process of selecting cabinets, lighting, faucets, countertops, appliances, sink and everything else you need. You can see real examples of many elements in our showroom. Because we know the suppliers, we know that they’re quality as well as the availability and timeline. No running all over the area to see examples or choose what you want, unless you have a preference of something you’ve seen elsewhere.

Exceptional Communication

When you have an architect, designer and contractor, there is a lot of room for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Because design/build companies have all these people on staff, when there is a question, they know how to reach one another. Experienced companies have an established process and they communicate better. Better communication leads to fewer issues and a more satisfied customer.

We Handle Everything

Some remodelers expect you to get the permit. They may even need you to accept deliveries, like your rental dumpster. Some contractors don’t have the ability to store cabinetry if it arrives before they need it. If you work outside the home and the contractor hires a sub for electrical or plumbing, they expect you to be there. Design/build companies still need subcontractors but they handle the communication, coordination and oversight anytime they need a subcontractor.

G.M. Roth Is Your Local Design/Build Company

Whether you’re looking for a whole-home remodel, a kitchen remodel or a new bathroom addition, trust the team at G.M. Roth. We are designers, architects and remodelers, all in one! You’ll find that whether you are looking at design/build companies in northern Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, we are highly rated by your neighbors and the Better Business Bureau. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation in your home, our showroom or virtually.

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