The Value of Using a Design/Build Company

If you’re planning on a home remodel, you have three ways to go about getting it done:

  1. Do as much of the work as you can and outsource the plumbing and electrical.
  2. Hire an architect and then bid it out to a remodeling company.
  3. Choose a design/build company to handle the entire project from start to finish.
The Value of Using a Design Build Company

For many years, your only options were one and two. Today, once a homeowner learns of the benefits of hiring one design/build company, they are more likely to go that route.

Using a Design/Build Company Is Faster

We all know that a home remodel takes time. However, if you try to DIY it on evenings and weekends, it may be months before you’re finished. An architect will take time designing the space. Once you put it out to bid and choose a remodeling company, you could be several weeks to months into the project. Then the architect will have to coach the remodeler through the project and ensure that the vision the two of you have is executed.

If you choose a design/build company, everyone is on the same page from the start. The builders work with the designer from the beginning. There’s no need to bid the project. The designer and construction team are all from the same company and work together easily. They can get the job done faster as they have all the pieces in place, including seamless communication.

One Company Is Usually the Less Expensive Option

Although it may seem that DIY will cost you less, you may find out the hard way that a contractor can often do the job for less. This is because they have contracts with subcontractors for a lower rate and with manufacturers to get products cheaper than you can. Although they will mark them up, it may be to the same rate you would have paid independently. 

Hiring an architect to not only design but also oversee the contractor will cost you a lot. A design/build company has a job supervisor on-site so that they oversee the job and communicate with the architect/designer only when necessary. Paying one firm is almost always cheaper than paying several.

A Superior End Result

The end result is what matters most in any home remodel. When you have one company handling the whole project from start to finish, you are more likely to see an end result that matches your expectations. There’s much less that gets lost in the translation between the architect and remodeler. From our experience as a design/build company, we also have had customers tell us that the end result is exactly what they wanted. That’s always our goal. And an added benefit is if something isn’t right or doesn’t turn out the way you expected, there’s only one company to call to rectify the situation. 

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