The Top 5 Reasons to Dive Into Home Remodeling

As a design/build company, we’ve heard countless reasons homeowners want to remodel. Depending on the extent of the remodel and the room being remodeled, the way the someone phrases their motivation may sound a bit different. However, we can categorize most of them into these five reasons for home remodeling.

The Top 5 Reasons to Dive Into Home Remodeling

1 – It’s Dated

This reason is most often given when a homeowner remodels their bathroom or kitchen; however, it can apply to the whole home. With the help of an experienced design/build company, you can have a fresh new look you love that doesn’t feel dated. Updating a home’s style often means a new color scheme and modern fixtures and appliances.

2 – More/Better Space

Families change and when that happens, we often need more space. Sometimes this means an open-concept living space so parents can see their children while preparing dinner. Other times, as kids get bigger, it means another sink in the bathroom or even a bathroom addition.

Many of the older homes in the Boston and Manchester suburbs have small kitchens with inadequate storage. Your design/build company can help you either better utilize your space or propose an addition to provide you with your dream kitchen.

3 – Safety

Many of the older homes throughout our area have charming features and beautiful details not found in new properties. However, they also come with some safety concerns, which is a common reason for home remodeling, especially if you’re moving into a newly purchased property. We’ve seen many homes where old wood windows no longer open or won’t stay open. Sometimes the electric wiring in the home isn’t up to today’s code and could be a fire hazard.

4 – Modern Features

Even if you don’t want to make much of a change to the style of the home, adding modern features can mean a home remodel. The way we live today differs significantly than the way we lived even 10 years ago. You may find that the home you’re in lacks sufficient (or conveniently placed) electrical outlets. You may want to add a wall-mounted television but realize that the wall won’t support it. Energy efficiency is important to many, which may mean new windows with Low-E glass and an ENERGY STAR® rating.

Often, we add modern features to a kitchen. If you have a historic home and want to keep the style in character with the home’s construction, we can do that for you. For example, we offer drawer-style built-in microwaves that give you that functionality without sitting on your counter. Cabinets with built-in organization are another way your design/build company can add modern convenience to your kitchen.

5 – Selling the Property

Admittedly, home remodeling with the sole purpose of selling the home isn’t often a good idea but it is sometimes a necessary one. And, it is sometimes a reason homeowners give us for their remodel. Keep in mind that you won’t get your full investment back, but it will help your home sell for more and may make it sell more quickly. If this is your reason, we recommend making minimalistic changes like granite or quartz countertops and new fixtures and paint.

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