Need More Space? Consider Professional Home Remodeling

If you look at homes designed in the past decade – or one designed 20 or even 50 years ago – a lot has changed. Home remodeling continues to grow in popularity because families are living so differently today than decades ago. With adults working from home and kids learning at home, space is at a premium. Although moving is one solution to the need for more space, it’s not always ideal. 

Need More Space Consider Professional Home Remodeling

Think About the Kind of Space You Need

Depending what you need additional space for, your home remodel may look very different from your neighbor’s. Have your kids outgrown the playroom in your basement and now you want a home gym and a place to watch movies? Maybe you need a basement finishing company to come to remodel your basement. If your kitchen doesn’t work for your family, perhaps you need to remodel it or consider whole-home remodeling. Every project differs because needs differ.

Find a Remodeling Company Experienced in Your Needs

Some remodeling companies simply offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Others focus on basements, while some only specialize in exterior remodeling. The key is finding a remodeler experienced in the type of remodel you need.

You may find some remodelers who promote themselves as design/build companies. That means they can help you design the space and build it out. Working with this type of company often saves time and money. Many homeowners also report they’re more satisfied with the work done by a design/build company. G.M. Roth specializes in the design/build process.

Be Realistic With Your Space & Budget

Any remodeling project that includes a kitchen is going to be more of an investment than one that doesn’t. Additions and remodels that require upgrading your heating and cooling system will also require a larger budget. A good rule of thumb is to only plan to use about 80% of your budget so that when the unexpected comes up (or you find something you just can’t live without for your new space), you have some financial wiggle room available. If you don’t end up using it, you can put that money into your decor budget.

When you’re refinishing your basement or another space in your home to better suit your needs, you’re limited by that space. If you can’t comfortably fit the elements you want, either eliminate something or consider an addition. Home remodeling with an addition can solve space issues by reconfiguring the existing space and adding to it. 

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