Introducing the 2022 Colors of the Year

Whether you’re planning an interior or exterior home remodeling project or just looking for some new paint colors, choosing a color that’s on trend makes sense. Today, we’re going to talk about the “colors of the year” as declared by some of the national paint companies and how to incorporate them in your home remodeling projects.

introducing the 2022 colors of the year

Think Shades of Green

Although not all the colors of the year are shades of green, many are. We’ll start with October Mist by Benjamin Moore. This shade of green is soft and one that, as an experienced design/build company, we’re particularly fond of. It is a great option for so many different areas! Here are some ways we can see incorporating October Mist:

  • In a spa-themed bathroom. Because the color is soft, it gives the spa-like feel so many homeowners want in their bathroom.
  • On the walls in a white kitchen. Pops of green are a current kitchen remodeling trend and this is a great option. 
  • Throughout your home. We understand finding a color that works in an open-concept home can be hard but this one, with its silver undertone, could be that color.

Other shades of green that have been chosen include:

  • Better Homes & Gardens’ Laurel Leaf (available only at Walmart), a bold and rich green perfect for adding some masculinity to any space.
  • Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, similar to October Mist with just a hint more color and depth.
  • Glidden’s Guacamole. Think of a perfectly ripe avocado and you’ll be able to picture this shade of green. We love this color paired with dark wood in a bathroom remodel or in a child’s nursery because it is bright and cheery.
  • Behr’s Breezeway. This beachy and cool hue is another pick perfect for a spa-themed bathroom or even a beach or cottage kitchen.
  • PPG’s Olive Sprig. This shade is a bit lighter than Glidden’s Guacamole and darker than October Mist, and works in many different rooms.

It seems that when it comes to home remodeling color trends, green is a go-to color! However, it’s not the only color of the year.

Other Picks

Valspar couldn’t even choose one color this year; instead, they went with a color palette of 12 colors. Yes, one of the twelve is green; however, what they all have in common is that they are colors you can find in nature. This palette is one that any good design/build company could incorporate in a whole-home remodel.

Dunn-Edwards’ color of the year is still an earth tone; however, it’s a brown. We haven’t seen brown as a color of the year from any manufacturer since gray became the new beige several years ago. This is a rich brown perfect for a bedroom, or a nice compromise in a space where you want some color but don’t want anything too bright. Lastly, there’s Aleutian by HGTV (a Sherwin Williams brand) which reminds us of a slightly faded yet still rich Williamsburg Blue. Consider this blue for your bedroom or bathroom and you’ll have a shade you’ll love for years to come.

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