5 Reasons to Choose a Design/Build Company

There are many ways to go about remodeling. You can do it yourself, you can work with an architect or design firm and then hire a remodeler, or you can work with a typical remodeling company. However, the best way to get the results you really want is to work with a design/build company. If you’re wondering about the benefits of hiring a design/build contractor and if it’s the right option for you, we have five reasons to share.

5 Reasons to Choose a Design Build Company

1. Synchronicity

When the same group works on a project from beginning to end, everyone understands the goal. The same goes for home remodeling. From initial conception through final walkthrough, a design/build team is all in it together and has the same goal.

2. Total Accountability 

Few things are more frustrating than when things go awry and the remodeler points fingers at the architect, or vice versa. When you hire a design/build company, one entity is accountable for everything. There’s no finger-pointing, only one company to work with to resolve whatever you don’t love. You will also find that when the same group designs and builds the project, the job is more likely to come in on budget and finish on schedule.

3. Expertise

When you work with a design/build company, your designer already knows the products that they have ready access to. They’ll plan those elements, like cabinets for a kitchen or bath renovation, with the proper timelines. Because they know and have easy access to the job foreman, design/builders can find out if something is possible before giving you a final design and proposal. And, likewise, because the foreman has easy access to the designer, he can ask questions to avoid making a mistake.

4. Efficiency

This goes hand-in-hand with the expertise. When the same company is involved with a project from start to finish, the team can schedule subcontractors and inspections when they need them. They will know the project better than a remodeler who is working off a designer and architect’s plans and information. This also helps to keep the job on schedule. 

5. Professional Guidance

We’ve all heard the stories that design and construction can get messy and out-of-hand. Design and construction shouldn’t be chaotic or stressful. A design/build company is there to inform, guide and answer questions from the client throughout the process. This increased communication lessens mistakes or misunderstandings, leading to the best possible outcome.

Design/build refines the remodeling process from beginning to end and manages it into orderly steps. This is especially true when you choose G.M. Roth Design Remodeling and our six-step process for your home remodel. We have vast experience with not only remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and entire homes throughout southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, but also additions and exterior renovations. No matter how large or small your remodeling needs, choose the design/build company area homeowners have trusted for 30 years. Call G.M. Roth at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form.

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