4 Benefits of Hiring a Design/Build Company for Your Remodel

No matter how big or small your remodeling project, there is a difference between hiring a general contractor and a design/build company. Although a design/build company has a general contractor’s license, they have other team members who will help make the project flow more smoothly and give you an end product that reflects your vision.

4 benefits of hiring a design build company for your remodel

What Is a Design/Build Company?

A design/build company is a business that provides total remodeling services. They complete your project as a single company under one contract. This includes the initial design with the help of a designer and architect (when needed), and the actual build out with their staffed contractor team. They also manage (and pay) any of the subcontractors necessary for the remodel.

The Benefits

Benefit #1

Most of our clients tell us after the end of the kitchen or bathroom remodel that the job went so much more smoothly than they imagined. That is the biggest benefit of hiring a company like ours. Instead of a designer handling a design, then an architect plotting the project and finally handing everything over to a contractor, it’s all done by one company. They can easily communicate back and forth between each other when there are changes or questions.

Benefit #2

It’s faster. Once the designer finishes their part of the job, it is handed off to the architect. They then hand it off to the general contractor to get started. If you work with a design firm, you’ll have to wait to hire an architect. Once both of them are done, you’ll have to bid the job out to a contractor and get in their queue. We estimate working with a design/build company can save as much as a month on a bathroom remodel and two for a kitchen remodel.

Benefit #3

There’s better communication and accountability. That means if you have a question about something or want to change something, it’s a lot easier to make it happen. The contractor has immediate access to everyone else involved in the project. There’s also no finger-pointing. The foreman is in charge of all aspects and can get you an answer.

Benefit #4

At the outset, it may seem that hiring separate entities will be cheaper. After all, you can bid the job out and choose whom you want to handle it. However, that’s rarely the case. Each company you hire has its own expenses it builds into every project – things like insurance, overhead, technology and tools. When you hire a design/build company, those costs are only included one time.

Benefits of Hiring G.M. Roth Design Remodeling

Not only will you get all the benefits above, you’ll also benefit from our experience. Whether you want a whole-home remodel or a bathroom remodel, we have the experienced team ready to help you. We’ve been remodeling homes in Pepperell and Westford, MA, as well as the greater Nashua area for more than 30 years under the design/build model. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we want to help you create your dream space. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 or reach out online to schedule your free consultation.

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