Creating the Perfect Home Office

Having a home office is a great way to separate work from family when you need to bring work home. A home office can be incorporated into a re-design of an existing space, in an addition or as part of a basement remodeling project. The key to designing your office is to make sure that it works for your needs whether you spend all day, every day in it, or only need it occasionally.

Creating the Perfect Home Office 1

Choosing Your Space

If you need an office for everyday use, you want one that gives you enough space and privacy to do your job. Talk to your designer about what you need. Some things to consider are desk space, a private entrance for clients, storage for files, and soundproofing if your office is adjacent to a living area. Once you both have a good understanding of how you will use your office, you can determine a good location and size and incorporate it into your home renovation project.

Design Elements

For home offices that sit near the main living space, you want both function and a cohesive look. There are many ways to help your office blend with the adjoining spaces. If you need extra storage, consider cabinetry that coordinates with your kitchen. Rather than buying a desk, use the same granite or quartz for your desktop. As you design the space, remember that small rooms tend to look smaller when dark colors are used. If your home office is small, keep the colors light and bright.

Light in the room is also very important. If your office doesn’t get any natural light, make sure that you plan for sufficient overhead lighting. Good light cuts down on eye strain and headaches. If your natural light is limited, consider a wall mirror to amplify the natural light, in addition to your overhead lighting.

Once you have your office designed, the best advice is to go find the perfect office chair! If you aren’t comfortable at your desk, even the best design and planning won’t help you get your work done. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling knows how to design home offices, whether you’re planning to add it as part of basement remodeling or another project. Let us help you with your home remodeling needs by calling (603) 880-3761.

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