Controlling Kid Chaos with Home Remodeling

If you have kids, especially young ones, your home probably has a good supply of games and toys. If you’re planning on a home remodeling project and want to be more organized in your new space, here are a few ideas to talk to your designer about. Getting organized is not only good for your sanity but also for your kids!

Controlling Kid Chaos with Home Remodeling

 Corraling Winter Gear

Winter gear seems to multiply tenfold for each additional member of the household. If your closets are overrun with mismatched gloves, hats, and scarves, consider adding a stack of drawers to your laundry or mudroom. Assign each person a drawer for his or her winter gear. When it comes time to head outside, they’ll be able to find just what they need and when everything is dry, it has a place to go. Adding cubbies for boots and shoes is another way to organize the space just inside your door and comes in handy year-round. Many cabinet manufacturers offer lots of functionality options for mudroom applications, so be sure to work with a qualified cabinet designer to maximize space utilization. You may also want help selecting the most durable finish for this type of product as well.

Organizing Play Space

The play area is perhaps the hardest part of the home to keep neat and organized. If the goal of your basement remodeling project is for your kids to have their own space, be sure to look at the toys they have now and consider how they may change in the next three to five years. Built-in cabinets with removable bins are a great solution to help organize toys, especially those with many small pieces. Clear bins help non-readers know what is in each one without taking everything out.

If their space is also your space, consider a built-in wall unit that can hold toys without making your entertaining space look like a playroom. Pull-out shelves give the best access to the most space. Adding a magnetic sheet to the inside of the cabinet doors creates a place to play with alphabet letters that isn’t in the kitchen. Another creative use for inside the doors is hanging removable baskets for markers and crayons.

Easy Arts and Crafts

For many parents, arts and crafts take place in the kitchen for easy clean-up. If you are constantly hauling supplies from another room, an easy DIY solution is to buy a rolling cart to store in your pantry or nearby closet. This makes clean-up easy and keeps everything organized. If your kids have taken over the house and there seems to be no way to get organized, consider basement remodeling when that is an available option, or repurpose existing space with G.M. Roth. We love helping parents find solutions to their kid chaos with home remodeling. Call (603) 880-3761 today for your in-home consultation.

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