Handy Tips on Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

The most overlooked elements of many bathroom remodeling projects are the fixtures. Your lighting, faucets and even the sink can be considered a fixture. These elements can tie the space together or be an eye-catching feature that everyone notices. If you’re not sure what you want, here are some tips to help you select fixtures you love.

Handy Tips on Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Know What You Need

The design of your new bathroom will dictate what you need. Your design/build company should have a list of items and the quantity you’ll need of each. Based on your design, they should even include the details so you can look only at items that from manufacturers that meet your specific needs. For example:

  • Sinks – Do you need a wall-mounted, pedestal, drop-in, undermount or vessel sink? Do you need more than one?
  • Shower and tub faucets – This involves the type of tub and whether it’s a tub/shower combination as well as whether you need a floor-mounted, wall-mounted or tub-mounted faucet.
  • Sink faucets – Although most sinks today have counter-mounted faucets, depending on the sink you choose, you may need a wall- or sink-mounted faucet. There may even be other considerations, like height or depth, to consider with your faucet.
  • Lighting – The size of your vanity will, in part, dictate how large a fixture you’ll want above your mirror. The ceiling height and size of the mirror will also influence your selection. If you have a separate toilet area and want a coordinating piece, you’ll want to look at manufactures who offer those as well.
  • Towel bars – This is likely the last element you’ll select. There are the fewest options for towel bars and only a few manufacturers offer special features like grab bar-style and heated towel bars, so if you need either of those, your options will be even more limited.

Know What Fits Your Style

You and your remodeler likely discussed an overall style you want. The fixtures you choose will compliment and emphasize your desired style. For example, if you want a modern bathroom, you may want a wall-mounted sink or wall-mounted vanity with a vessel sink. If you’re looking for an Old World feel, a pedestal sink with chrome-finished faucets will showcase your style. Lighting plays perhaps the biggest part in showcasing your style. There are countless lighting fixture styles your design/build company can show you from various manufacturers. One piece of advice we continue to give our customers is not to get overwhelmed or distracted by things that won’t work with your style.

Know Your Budget

You may be surprised at how large a percentage of your budget your fixtures will use. If you go over on each element, you’ll end up far over your total budget. There are solutions, however, if you love something over budget. For example, if you find a light fixture you love that’s over budget, find towel bars that are less so you balance out the expenses.

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