Why Working With a Professional Design/Build Company Is a Great Idea

If you’re planning a major remodeling project, a design/build company is a great option. Before you hire for your next project, we hope you’ll take the time to find the best remodelers – which aren’t often general contractors or handymen. Here’s why you should consider design/build companies for your next remodeling project.

Why Working With a Professional Design Build Company Is a Great Idea

Varied Experience

Design/build companies have experience in all types of remodeling, from minor remodels where the layout stays the same to full additions and everything in between. The key is working with a designer who understands your vision and needs.

Before you sign a contract, make sure the company is experienced in what you’re wanting done. Look at their portfolio, either in their showroom or online. See if the designs, styles and the finished product mesh with your vision. Chances are good that a general contractor won’t have a showroom, which means you will have to drive to various vendors to select cabinetry, tile, flooring and appliances.

All-Inclusive Services

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a general contractor is that you’ll have to hire a designer and perhaps even an architect separately. This leads to two potential issues. First, although you and the designer may have a clear understanding of your vision, the general contractor may not. Because general contractors specialize in construction rather than design, they may not understand that the tile you want for the backsplash fits a specific design idea. As a result, they may pick up something close because it was cheaper or in stock. You won’t be happy with the finished product and it will cost you in both time and frustration.

Secondly, you may spend considerably more than if you just hired a design/build company to begin with. Your designer and architect will charge you for their time and the contractor will have separate fees. When you work with a design/build company, we have designers and contractors who working together. The designer will clearly relay the vision to the builder and ensures that all the elements you’re expecting are ordered properly.

Industry Contacts

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with handyman companies is that they have limited contacts with suppliers. You want a company that can give you quality options when it comes to lighting, cabinetry and accessories. A good design/build company has many manufacturers at their disposal to suit the many style and design needs of their customers.

The best remodelers are design/build companies. If you think you’re looking for a general contractor for a remodeling project, call G.M. Roth instead. You’ll find that we’re ranked among the best remodelers not only in southern New Hampshire, but also nationwide by two separate magazines for our attention to detail, exquisite workmanship and quality products. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form for your free in-home consultation.

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