Where to Splurge in a Kitchen Remodel

Chances are good that you want this kitchen remodel to be the last one you ever do. If that’s the case, consider carefully where you splurge and where you maximize your budget. The more you plan for your new kitchen to work years into the future, the more likely you are to love it. Functionality is key, while trends come and go. Here are some ideas to consider including in your kitchen remodeling budget.

Where to Splurge in a Kitchen Remodel

Bottom Drawers

Cabinets have fewer moving parts so they’re generally less expensive than drawers; however, drawers have greater functionality. They also come with organizational options for your dishes, storage containers, knives and even countertop appliances. This is perhaps the best place to spend a little more of your budget because you’ll be happier with the useful storage you create.


Some of the biggest price variables are in appliances. For example, an over-the-stove microwave is quite inexpensive. However, if you have kids who need to reach it, do you really want them climbing a stool over the stove? A better choice would be the drawer-style microwave that sits below the countertop. It might be a bit more expensive, but it will be more accessible. Do you need a double oven? There are many configuration options including:

  • Traditional stove with additional wall oven – Requires the most space but can provide the largest oven. Ovens in traditional stoves are larger than wall units.
  • Double oven in wall and a cooktop – Likely the most expensive option.
  • Single oven plus convection oven/microwave combination – Great when you’re tight on space.
  • Two traditional stoves – This can be a budget-saver compared to other options.


Lighting is one of those elements that you can’t easily change after the fact. Look at adding can lighting in addition to your ceiling fixtures. Control them with separate switches so you can turn on only the lights you need. Consider undercabinet lighting too. Not only can it brighten a work area on the counter, it can also create a soft glow when you want just a little light.

Sink Space

Depending on how you and your family cook and work together in the kitchen, you may want to consider a prep sink. Having a second sink can help multiple people handle different jobs at the same time. If you don’t need a second sink, make sure to choose the right sink for your needs. Although the farmhouse sink is currently a trendy item, it’s not practical for people who do a lot of handwashing of dishes or those who need to clean fruits and veggies and use a disposal while there are dirty dishes in the sink. Know your needs and choose accordingly. You may realize that it is worth it to splurge on a prep sink.

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