Is It Better to Move or Remodel?

That is a very vague question. It really depends on why you’re looking at one or the other. For example, if your house feels dated but you have the right amount and type of space, you’re likely better off with a partial or whole-home remodel. If you need more space, it’s more of a toss-up because you’ll likely need a home addition or to finish a basement or attic. Let’s look at some facts about both moving and remodeling.

is it better to move or remodel

A Whole-Home Remodel Is an Investment

And not just of money; it is an investment of time and patience. No matter which remodeling company you choose, a whole-home remodel takes time. Of course, how much time and money depends on the extent of the remodel and the elements you choose. However, you may find that if you refinance and take cash out that you can keep the same or similar mortgage payment because of low interest rates. 

Consider Remodeling in Phases

As you begin to talk about what you want in your remodel, you and your remodeling company may want to consider remodeling in phases. This does tend to add to the timeline and may slightly increase the cost, however, if you need to live in the home during the whole-home remodel, doing it in phases makes that a better option. It is also a great option if your budget doesn’t allow for the whole project at one time. 

Advantages of Remodeling

We’ve already pointed out that remodeling is an investment of time and money, which may be a disadvantage. However, the advantages may make you wonder why you ever thought about moving at all!

  • You can create the space exactly as you need it.
  • The colors and styles you choose are what you want, not someone else’s choices.
  • You get to keep your schools, friends and neighbors.
  • There’s no inconvenience of keeping your house clean for showings or house hunting in a competitive market.

Why Many People Move Locally

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough space to build out (or up) to make a home large enough for a family’s needs. Other times, the thought of living in a construction zone just doesn’t appeal to them. Occasionally, a family considers remodeling but finds that the historic nature of the property or area restricts the type of changes that the family wants inside or outside. Moving is the right choice for some families. As mentioned, interest rates are low and if you can find the right property for your needs, moving might be a good option for you.

Can’t Decide? Contact Us for Professional Guidance

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