How to Design a Family Room That Works for Everyone

Family rooms are a place for everyone to gather, relax or have fun. It’s the perfect spot for kids to play or parents to watch movies. You want to design this space with your loved ones in mind to ensure their enjoyment and comfort. 

How to Design a Family Room That Works for Everyone

A local expert in house additions and remodeling gives tips on designing a family room that works for everyone. 

Establish Goals

It’s essential to set goals before you start designing your family room. There must be sufficient seats for everyone, enough space for activities and plenty of storage for keeping your things. If you have a clear picture of what you want for your family room, you can make more informed decisions for your project. 

Choose the Right Furniture 

The activities your family usually partakes in will determine your furniture options. When selecting pieces, consider comfort, function and durability. They should be able to accommodate everyone without overcrowding the room. 

Decorate Using Color, Texture and Accessories

Whether planning a bathroom remodeling project or revamping your family room, creating a good color scheme is vital. Bright colors create a cheerful atmosphere, while neutral hues provide a calming feel. Textured rugs or pillows can help make your space warmer and more inviting. You can further accessorize your family room with bookshelves and wall art. 

Create an Organized System 

Having sufficient storage is essential to family rooms. Use shelves, baskets and bins to store your belongings. They can help eliminate clutter and keep your space tidy. 

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