How to Choose a Qualified Remodeling Company

Remodeling your home is a big task. The first step is choosing the right remodeling company. Choose the wrong one and you may not love the results, or you could end up with a project that takes twice as long as it should or costs more than the quote. Here’s how to find the right remodeler for your project.

How to Choose a Qualified Remodeling Company

Verify They Have Proven Experience

Although a new remodeling company may be cheaper and more readily available than an experienced one, price isn’t the best way to choose among remodelers. One way to find an experienced contractor is to ask your neighbors. Post to Facebook, NextDoor or your community’s HOA page. You will likely receive many names to check out. 

Once you’ve gathered some company names, verify their websites, their Google My Business pages and standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company website should have images of jobs they’ve completed. Google My Business should have reviews that span several years. The BBB documents when a company was founded and its business rating. All of these will give you an idea of the company’s experience and reputation.

Interview Them

Once you narrow your options down to two or three remodelers, call and schedule an introductory appointment with each company. During the appointment, you should make sure that they:

  1. Can show you other projects similar to the one you want completed.
  2. Explain their process from concept through completion.
  3. Work with quality manufacturers of cabinets, roofing, flooring or whatever materials you will need to complete your home remodel.

Choosing a remodeling company whose work you like will help ensure that you end up with a new space that you love. You want them to have an established process so the job is completed on time. Quality products mean a higher quality finished product. 

Carefully Look Over the Written Estimate

A written estimate for a home remodel is just that – an estimate. It may even be a range. Remodelers should include a list of what elements they are basing your estimate on. Some elements are fixed fees, like permitting and dumpster rental. Others, like cabinets and countertops, will be dependent on your final design and the materials you choose.

Once you finalize your plans and choose all the elements, you should receive a final quote. The estimate and quote should also include reference to a workmanship guarantee. If you don’t receive this, ask if the company offers one and get the details in writing. Finally, make sure they are licensed and insured to work in your state.

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