5 Things to Do Before Starting a Home Remodeling Project

Most homeowners understand that any home remodeling project is a big commitment. Not only is there the financial cost, you’ll also be investing significant time. Plus, you want results that you love because you’ll likely be living in your new space for quite some time. Don’t skip these steps before starting your project.

5 Things to Do Before Starting a Home Remodeling Project

1. Set Your Budget

One of the first questions a remodeling company will ask after they find out what room(s) you’re looking to remodel is your budget. Before you set a budget, you should understand the average cost of various remodeling projects. One of the best resources is the Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report. In this report, you’ll find national, regional and local averages for the most common remodeling projects as well as the average return on the investment.

2. Choose the Right Remodeling Company

The remodeler you choose should understand your sense of style and have a great reputation. Even with a great reputation, if you don’t love their work, they won’t be a good fit. As you interview various design-build companies, make a note of how you feel they listen and respond to your wants in the new space. If they disagree with what you want, make sure there’s a reason that makes sense to you. Of course, verifying that they’re licensed and insured is also key.

3. Review & Revise

A good remodeling company will give you the opportunity to revise their interpretation of your wants and needs before they finalize the plans. Home remodeling isn’t a one-size-fits-all job, so make sure that revisions are included in the proposed costs so you don’t end up with plans you don’t have input into. Only approve the plans when you love the vision for your new space.

4. Be Prepared

Even a minor home remodel takes preparation. Before your remodeling company arrives for demolition, you’ll need to clear the space they will be working in. You should also remove wall hangings and anything fragile from the areas with construction debris. If you’re undergoing a major remodel, consider a portable storage unit. The storage company delivers it to your driveway, you load it and lock it up. Then you have the option to keep it conveniently on your property so you have access to whatever you stored, or they can store it off-site for you so it’s out of the way.

Also think about your kids and pets. Although the remodelers should take care to keep doors closed and clean the area daily, excessive noise and people in and out of your home can lead to stress on pets. Make sure your kids know to stay out of the area(s) under construction and out of the way of the contractors. If you have dogs, consider a doggie day care or taking them to a friend’s each morning. 

5. Let Your Neighbors Know

Home remodeling can be noisy. It can also lead to increased traffic. Letting your neighbors know what’s going on is the polite thing to do. Make sure they know that if there’s an issue with parking or noise to let you know so you can address it with the project foreman.

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