5 Myths About Aging in Place, Debunked

Aging in place is where older adults remain at home instead of in assisted living facilities. While this option is growing more popular, many are still skeptical about it due to the misconceptions surrounding aging in place. A trusted bathroom remodeling expert debunks five of them. 

5 Myths About Aging in Place, Debunked

1. It’s Too Expensive

It isn’t uncommon for people to believe that aging in place is too pricey. Improving the accessibility of your home doesn’t always have to cost a lot. Adding grab bars, adding more lights and replacing damaged bathroom fixtures are small upgrades that will make your home safer. 

2. It’s Not Necessary to Modify Your Home 

Some seniors believe they can age in place without any home modifications. You will need to make changes in your home to make it safer and more accessible. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need major home additions. Remodeling your bathroom, widening doorways and investing in non-slip flooring are upgrades that can help you live safely and independently as you age. 

3. It’s Isolating

With technology, seniors can stay connected with family and friends without leaving home. Some companies also offer companionship services that provide regular visits from a caregiver to deliver assistance to your loved one. 

4. It’s Not Suitable for Physically Challenged Individuals

Aging in place seems impossible for people with mobility issues. The truth is you can create a space that encourages independence with the help of a reliable remodeling company. Skilled professionals will assess your home to determine which features suit your needs, make your life easier and help ensure your safety.  

5. It Can Lower Your Home’s Value

Instead of reducing the value of your property, aging-in-place upgrades will do the opposite. The safety features of your home could be its main selling point. Many buyers wish to invest in a place where they can grow old and stay after retiring. 

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