What’s Your Reason for Wanting a New Kitchen?

There is no one reason why you should start on a kitchen remodeling project. When you’re ready, then it’s time. However, if you are wondering whether your top reason for wanting a new kitchen is valid, we promise – it is. In fact, here are several of the reasons we’ve heard over the years. Some are quite common and one has given us a good laugh!

What’s Your Reason for Wanting a New Kitchen?

It’s Worn-Out

If you’re in a subdivision development, chances are good your cabinets are stock. That often means they weren’t built to last. If your cabinet doors don’t close, the finish is peeling or the drawers stick, your kitchen is worn out and it is definitely time for a remodel.

It’s Totally Dated

Do you see what we did there? If your kitchen is stuck in the 80s, you have a more-than-valid reason to remodel. Even if yours is stuck in the 90s or 2000s, it’s time to remodel! Not only have styles changed, but so have the options in a kitchen. Many of these advancements will make preparing food easier and storage more accessible.

You’re Selling Your Home Soon

Remodeling a kitchen is a common strategy for homeowners looking to sell their home for top dollar. Many prospective buyers expect granite or quartz countertops and soft closures on drawers and cabinets. If your kitchen is dated, you may want to consider remodeling. However, know in advance that you’re not likely to get all of your money back.

Changes to the Family

Major changes to your family may require a new kitchen. A senior living with you may need a wheelchair-accessible space. If you have more children than you did when you bought or built your home, a new kitchen addition may give you the space you need to make a meal for your family or even for everyone to eat in the kitchen itself.

Energy Efficiency Goals

You may be surprised at how inefficient your current kitchen really is when you learn about some of the new ENERGY STAR® appliances. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but with smart home technology in many refrigerators, you can peek inside without opening the doors. If you need to preheat the oven, you can do so remotely, making cooking easier.

It Was ‘Her’ Kitchen

This is one that has made us chuckle more than a few times. When a new wife moves into an existing family home, she may not want that reminder in a space where she will spend a great deal of time. Therefore, she decides that the best way to remove the memory of the previous spouse is through professional kitchen remodeling.

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