Updating Your Single-Wall Kitchen

You may initially think that there are not many kitchen remodeling options for your single-wall kitchen that really improve it. In truth, there are many ways to improve the storage, functionality and appearance! Often these minimalistic kitchens have a bad reputation, but they shouldn’t. Whether it’s a design choice to have a single-wall kitchen or necessary because of space limitations, here are a few ideas for yours.

Updating Your Single Wall Kitchen

Maximize Visual Impact With Kitchen Remodeling

When your kitchen is only one wall of your home, you can create a dynamic focal point. The options you and your kitchen remodeling company can include are virtually limitless. Some ideas include:

  • A unique vent cover. whether you add copper to the exterior or create something with shelves and molding, you can make the stove’s vent cover a focal point.
  • Incredible cabinets with varying heights across the wall. With fewer cabinets, you can splurge on the style and finish you really want.
  • A custom backsplash. Tile, brick, shiplap or metal can all create a pop of interest in a single-wall kitchen remodel.
  • Cabinet-front appliances. The space will seem larger and visually more appealing with this option.
  • Open shelving. Yes, you may lose some cabinet space but you can also use open shelving for dishes and décor that would otherwise be hidden in cabinets.

Don’t Skimp on Cabinet Organizers

One of the drawbacks of a single-wall kitchen (or any small kitchen) is the perceived lack of storage. However, if you choose more customizable cabinets, you can create space in the cabinets and drawers to suit your needs. One of the biggest benefits homeowners find are the changes in cabinetry options. You’ll find that drawers today come with options for holding plates and bowls. You can also choose a deeper cabinet to give storage without taking up much more space.

Free Up Area for Living Space

Many older homes have galley kitchens and U-shaped kitchens that segregate the cook from the living space and guests. If you’re thinking about opening up your home as part of a kitchen remodel, you should consider a single-wall kitchen. It frees up space for your living area and gives the cook a line of sight to kids and visitors. If you’re concerned about dividing the living space and the kitchen, adding a table between the two spaces works well. 

Maximize Natural Light

If you already have a single-wall kitchen, natural light will make it seem larger. If your kitchen remodel is part of a larger home remodel and you’re replacing windows or doors, look at options that allow the most light in. 

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