Today’s Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Styles

If it’s time for a new kitchen in your home, you probably want it to look modern, stylish and on trend. So, what are the latest kitchen remodeling styles? You may be surprised to learn that the majority of homeowners who recently had a kitchen remodel chose one of these three styles:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional
todays top 3 kitchen remodeling styles

Yes, colors and features change but overall, popular kitchen remodeling styles remain the same. Here are some details about each to help you choose the style you want.

The Traditional Kitchen

Home Stratosphere surveyed over one-and-a-half million homeowners, asking about kitchen styles. Nearly one-third reported having a traditional kitchen. What is a traditional kitchen? Let’s start with the cabinets. Although many have natural or stained wood cabinets, painted is also an option in a traditional kitchen. However, the cabinet style must be traditional. That could include Shaker, raised panel or recessed panel. The key is to avoid high-gloss or flat-panel cabinets.

Door and drawer pulls are often simple bars or knobs. Also consider granite or quartz countertops. Most sinks are the undermount style. Keep the lighting traditional rather than trendy. The key in any traditional kitchen remodel is to make the space warm and welcoming.

The Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens aren’t all that different than the traditional kitchen, but they’re not quite the same as the modern kitchen remodeling style. They can have dark wood or painted cabinets in styles similar to traditional. What makes a contemporary kitchen remodel different is that it can also be minimalistic in both décor and design. If you want a contemporary kitchen, talk to your kitchen remodeling company about cabinet-front appliances. This a way to disguise appliances, which can detract from the minimalistic look.

Some contemporary kitchens don’t have cabinet pulls; others have very simple ones that may even blend in with the cabinets. Your countertop should be as close to a solid color as possible, making quartz the most common choice. One of the biggest differences in contemporary and other styles is that there are rarely any decorations on the walls or countertops. Everything you see is functional.

The Transitional Kitchen

If you like the idea of a contemporary kitchen but also want some elements that personalize the space, you probably want a transitional kitchen remodel. Transitional kitchens are often described as “warm” and “modern”. You have the greatest flexibility in a transitional kitchen. We often find that homeowners who fall in love with a specific element – let’s say a cabinet style and color – and build their kitchen to their taste around that element, end up with a transitional kitchen. If you tell your kitchen remodeling company that you want a space that’s casual, efficient and clean, you will likely end up with a transitional kitchen.

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