Solving Common Kitchen Layout Issues

As you and your kitchen remodelers begin discussing your new kitchen, one of the first things to address is the layout. Of course, you want your kitchen to look great; however, there’s more to a great kitchen than just how it looks. If you plan on actually using your kitchen, you need the workspace to include an efficient flow through the space. A good kitchen remodeling company will also discuss traffic patterns and how that may impact an effective layout.

solving common kitchen layout issues

Even when we go into two homes built by the same builder at the same time in the same neighborhood, we’re going to do different things in each home. That’s because different families have specific and often-different needs for their space. And that is why most kitchens designed by an architect who doesn’t know your family and built by a builder who never had to use the kitchen doesn’t work!

Common Layout Issues

You may see some of these issues in your current kitchen, and you certainly want to avoid them all in your new kitchen. 

  • Broken-up countertop space
  • Narrow walkways
  • Work areas too far apart
  • Useless or insufficient cabinet space
  • Out-of-place essentials

We also believe if two people can’t comfortably work in your kitchen, there’s a layout issue.

Smart Solutions

We advocate working with professional kitchen remodelers, not just a contractor. Designers understand how to create ideal spaces that work for today’s families. As you and your designer begin working together, they’ll teach you a little about what makes an efficient kitchen and how they see your space today. Then, they’ll begin making recommendations that will improve the space. Here are a few solutions to the above issues:

  • To create better a countertop work area that’s more conducive to prep and cooking, we can look at what we can move in one direction or relocate entirely. The stove and refrigerator are often the first things we look at moving.
  • Because islands are so popular, some builders put one in the kitchen even when there isn’t sufficient space. Removing it or reducing its size can create better walkways and flow.
  • The kitchen triangle is a major factor in any kitchen’s design; however, some triangles are oddly shaped, making the kitchen inefficient. If you’re planning a total remodel, it may need to start with a new kitchen triangle so that your work spaces make sense.
  • Kitchen remodeling is often primarily about bringing the space into this decade. That almost always means new cabinetry. Today’s cabinets include pull-out shelving, drawer organizers and more drawers than cabinets. All of this will provide you with more usable space.
  • When big and little things aren’t in a convenient place, your kitchen doesn’t work. Make sure your kitchen remodeling plans include things like a place for your trash and recycling, sufficient lighting and plentiful outlets.

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