Reasons to Consider Remodeling a Kitchen & Bathroom Together

Many homeowners remodel in phases because of the expense. However, you may find that completing your kitchen and bathroom remodel with the same company at the same time saves you money in the long run. Plus, you’ll only have to deal with remodelers in your home once rather than multiple times as you complete each project. Here are some reasons combining all your remodeling needs into one project is a good idea.

Reasons to Consider Remodeling a Kitchen Bathroom Together

Cohesive Look

The most common reason for remodeling any part of a home is to modernize it. One of the best ways to do that is to do a kitchen and bathroom remodel at the same time. This allows for the design/build team to help you create a cohesive look for your home. Sometimes that means adding coordinating or complementary elements in each room that tie the home together; other times it is more about bringing different areas of the home to the same modern time period.

Cost Savings

If you need an electrician or plumber as part of your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, the service costs money. Generally during the estimate process, your design/build company works in the tradeperson’s trip fee plus a per-hour rate, permitting fees and any supplies they’ve quoted. When you combine multiple remodeling projects, there are fewer associated costs (one permit rather than many) and the electrician or plumber can buy a higher quantity of supplies at one time – which may reduce the per-item price.

If you’re installing new flooring, the cost of buying and installing the same flooring throughout multiple areas at the same time is less than doing these areas at separate times. The same goes with semi-custom and custom cabinets. It’s cheaper to manufacture and deliver cabinets for a home at one time. Your countertops may be less expensive too, especially if the material comes in a slab, as you may be charged for the entire slab even if you don’t use the whole thing.

Faster Project Completion

Although a kitchen and bathroom remodel together will take longer than just one room, it won’t add up to the same amount of time that two separate projects require. Getting a plumber or electrician on-site to do the work may take a day for both rooms combined, so the rest of the work can move forward sooner. Then you’ll need an inspection which will take time too. And when your custom cabinets are ordered and have a long lead time, the entire project can start at the right time.

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