Kitchen Remodeling: The Lifestyle & Environmental Benefits

Do you eat out too often because you don’t like your kitchen? Do broken appliances prevent you from making exactly what you want for dinner? Working with a kitchen remodeling company can bring your kitchen from dated and inefficient to a place where you want to go every night to make a healthy meal for your family. As remodelers, we help families create kitchens that work for them.

Kitchen Remodeling The Lifestyle Environmental Benefits

Benefits of a New Kitchen

Although families are at home more now than ever, not all are eating at home. Many have simply resorted to takeout for their meals. One of the benefits of kitchen remodeling is that homeowners report that they cook more following their remodel. When you have appliances that work and space to store things you need readily at hand, it’s simply easier to cook at home. Plus, when you love your kitchen, you’re more likely to want to be there!

Of course, two big benefits are that eating home-cooked meals is not only cheaper but healthier. You’re able to eliminate added fat and ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. If you’re not one who likes waste, you won’t have the takeout containers and uneaten food that ends up in the garbage.

Environmental Benefits

We already mentioned reduced waste from cooking and eating at home, but there’s much more. When you and your kitchen remodelers choose ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, you will save money and water. For example, new dishwashers use half the water and electricity they did 10-20 years ago. Some cycles use only four gallons of water per load. That’s less than you likely use washing dishes by hand. Not only do you save on water, but also the energy used to heat the water. 

As you work on your design, consider adding a recycling bin alongside your trash. Also, if you’re considering composting, a compost waste container built into the countertop is a great way to have a place to scrape compost waste prior to disposal. Anything that makes it easier for you to reduce, reuse and recycle will add to the environmental benefits of your kitchen remodel.

Quality Family Time

Eating out or in the car doesn’t always lead to family time. Too often, there are televisions to watch or other distractions. Not only is sitting around at home a great way to connect as a family, so is cooking. When kitchen remodeling is done right, you can have space for more than one person in the kitchen to prep and cook meals. Planning, preparing and eating together is much better than just eating together. 

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