Kitchen Design: It’s About More Than Just the Kitchen Triangle

Your kitchen’s layout is important. That may even be the reason you’re talking with a remodeling company about a new kitchen. However, it should be about more than just the kitchen triangle. The kitchen, or golden, triangle was developed in the 1940s to address the need to make the kitchen as efficient as possible. Today, this concept is one most kitchen remodelers still follow. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it refers to the stove, sink and refrigerator’s proximity to one another, which should form a triangle.

Kitchen Design Its About More Than Just the Kitchen Triangle

Differences in Today’s Kitchens

As a remodeling company, we will encourage you to choose a design with good flow between the stove, sink and refrigerator. But you will also want to think about other things you use in your kitchen every day. If you’re opting for a wall oven and cooktop rather than a stove, you will want to see how that impacts the layout. As Americans, we also tend to use our microwaves a lot. Understanding how to maximize the functionality of your kitchen layout is essential.  A well-designed kitchen will greatly improve the value of your home and make cooking an easier and more enjoyable task.

Your Specific Needs

No two families are alike. No two cooks are alike. Your kitchen should be designed around your needs and wants. Here are some things to think about regarding your needs. 

  • Small appliance storage – Thinks like air fryers, pressure cookers, juicers, stand mixers and food processors take up a fair amount of storage space. You’ll want the right size space to store yours.
  • Refrigerator/freezer space – Are you a meal prepper or one who buys in bulk? You may want to plan a larger refrigerator in your new kitchen.
  • Eating space – If you don’t want a formal dining room, you may take that space and make a larger kitchen. Or, you may want to keep it and convert your current breakfast nook into more storage space and add bar seating rather than a separate table. 
  • Drawers or cabinets – If you talk with almost any local kitchen remodelers, they’ll tell you that today’s designs tend to favor bottom drawers more than bottom cabinets. Drawers allow better storage and easier access to many things, including your dishes.

Modern Options

It seems that nearly every day there’s a new option when it comes to features and functionality of appliances. Smart technology means you can have a refrigerator with a camera and see just how much milk is left while you’re in the store. Or, you can turn on your oven so it preheats while you’re stuck in traffic. Even your microwave has more options that ever before. You can incorporate it with your convection oven in a convection oven/microwave combination, put it in a drawer rather than above your stove or even put a stylish one inset into the cabinets.

We Are Your Local Kitchen Remodelers

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