Insights on Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re planning a new outdoor living space or upgrading your current one, an outdoor kitchen should be part of your plan. Not only will it allow you to enjoy your family or company without having to be stuck in the house cooking, it keeps everything close at hand. Depending on how much you entertain, your budget and the space, you may want a complete outdoor kitchen or just a few essential elements. 

Insights on Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Start by Planning Your Entire Outdoor Living Space

Start by thinking about the space as a whole. Look at the space you have, what you want to change or improve and if you have room to expand. Here are some things you may want in your new outdoor entertainment space:

  • Seating area with couches & chairs
  • Dining table
  • Bar
  • Firepit or fireplace
  • Outdoor kitchen

Once you have an idea of what you want, your remodelers will want to talk about the space you have and what you can do in it realistically. You’ll also need to discuss the budget. Once you have the general layout of the space, then you can discuss the details of each.

Focus on the Must-Haves 

A kitchen on your deck or porch doesn’t have to include everything you find in a standard kitchen. In fact, it’s not realistic to include things like an oven or microwave. Once you know that you want more than just a grill for your outdoor entertaining space, you’ll want to focus on what you must have in that space. Whether the area is covered and whether you plan on having electricity run to it influences what you can do. 

If you and you friends enjoy drinks and snacks, you may want to consider an ice maker, outdoor refrigerator and maybe a mini-keg cooler. Perhaps put in a bar-height counter with barstools and include all the necessities for your outdoor party. If the area is well covered, you can include cabinets for everything you need to make some drinks. If you’re wanting a true bar, consider adding plumbing and a sink. If your focus is more on food, you may want a grill with burners and a pizza oven. Some grill kits include warming trays for buns and drawers to store utensils. 

Understand Limitations

Depending on your space and local codes, you not be able to include everything on your list. For example, it’s recommended that you have at least 10 feet between a firepit and anything that could catch on fire. That means you not only need to consider your property when planning, but also your neighbor’s. Budget tends to be the biggest limitation for most homeowners. Don’t let your remodelers convince you to spend every penny of your budget. It’s always best to follow the 80/20 rule, which is to leave 20% of your budget available for unforeseen issues and last-minute changes which may come up.

We Are Experienced Outdoor Remodelers

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