How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer

Now that summer is nearly here, you may have started entertaining. You may have kids in and out of your kitchen, begging for snacks all day long. Although it’s too late to schedule a kitchen remodel this summer, there are things you can do now that will help you through the coming months – and provide you with some ideas for kitchen remodeling in plenty of time for next summer!

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer

Prep Snack Baskets

Instead of allowing your kids to stand in front of the open refrigerator multiple times a day, buy a few small baskets for your counter or kitchen table. Each morning, put a day’s worth of snacks inside. Help them understand that those are the day’s options and although they don’t have to eat everything in the basket, there are no additional snacks for the day once those are gone. In addition, you can place a bowl in the refrigerator and allow snacks from there.

Make Cups, Plates & Bowls Easily Accessible

If you have smaller kids you are teaching to be more independent, don’t make them rely on you for the things they need to serve themselves. For example, clean out a lower cabinet and put what they may need to make their lunch or snacks. If this works out well for you, remember to talk to your kitchen remodeling company about adding more drawers or pull-out shelving in your kitchen remodel.

Upgrade Your Appliances

On those hazy, hot and humid days, you may want a fun family activity inside. One great idea is meal prepping. It will help lessen the stress of a meal on days when you’re out and realize that you don’t have dinner planned. It can also keep you from ordering a take-out meal. Meal prepping is a great way to teach kids of all ages about nutrition and cooking, but if you don’t have a freezer that will hold these prepared meals, you may need a new refrigerator/freezer. And, if you decide to make some desserts to go along with the meals, you might want an ENERGY STAR®-rated oven so you don’t heat your entire home just because you’re making a batch of cookies. If you choose to get new appliances now and remodel later, just let your kitchen remodeling company know that you plan on keeping your appliances so they can work them into the plans.

Create Good Places to Eat

Many kitchens in homes in the Northeast are small. Sometimes the eating area only works for your family. If you’re faced with that dilemma when your kids have friends over, look outside. By adding an umbrella to your deck or patio, you may be able to create a great outdoor eating space. If your kids are smaller, consider adding a kid-size table to your dining area or porch. 

If you don’t have many options for eating, remember that when you discuss your kitchen remodel and ask about adding an island with stools, sufficient kitchen eating space for your family and friends or even building a kitchen addition or screened-in porch for more frequent outdoor dining.

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