How a New Kitchen May Make You Healthier

You may be surprised to learn that among the benefits of a new kitchen is better health. Homeowners who recently remodeled a kitchen report eating at home more, which leads to a healthier lifestyle, as found in Houzz’s Kitchen Trends Report. Other than simply eating at home more, here are some ways that kitchen remodeling may make you a healthier person.

How a New Kitchen May Make You Healthier

The Right Colors

Have you ever been in a restaurant with bright, bold colors and wondered why they choose orange or red décor? It’s been proven that color can influence how you feel – and red can make you hungry. Perhaps your current kitchen has lots of cherry finishes or even red walls. Look at articles about how color influences your choices and stick to blue or cool tones if you want a color that curbs appetite and has a calming influence. Your kitchen remodeling company can help you choose a good primary and secondary color for your remodel that will help the space feel good – without stimulating your appetite!

Modern Appliances

One of the biggest changes in a new kitchen is the addition of modern appliances, and one of the simplest ways to live healthier is to get a refrigerator with a chilled water dispenser. Drinking more water has countless health benefits. Buying an oven with a convection cooking feature can cut down on frying foods. Of course, simply replacing worn-out appliances with ones that work better may be the best encouragement to cook healthy options at home.

Better Storage & Countertops

Let’s face it, if it’s inconvenient, we’re not likely to do something. When you have better storage, whether it’s for your countertop appliances or food, it’s easier to have what you need to cook at home. Along the same line as better storage is ample countertop space. One of the biggest hindrances in any kitchen is the lack of space for things you need or countertops on which to prepare food. Plus, if you have plenty of countertop space, you may be inclined to keep a bowl of fresh fruit out which could lead to better snack choices.

A Place to Gather

It should make sense that when you sit down to eat a meal, you’re more likely to make healthier choices and eat fewer calories. If your new kitchen has a dining table or countertop seating, you and your family can eat together. Studies show that kids who eat with their family eat a wider variety of foods, and families who take time to sit, eat and have conversation are less obese overall.

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