Designing Your Kitchen to Balance Function & Style

One of the reasons you may want a new kitchen is because yours simply doesn’t work for you. You may even have a few kitchen remodeling design ideas you’ve saved on Houzz or Pinterest. For best results, enlist the help of a design/build company. Design/build companies can help you from design to completion, rather than just handling the design or the construction aspect. This makes for a smoother process and a finish that meets your expectations.

Designing Your Kitchen to Balance Function Style

Balancing Function & Style

One of the reasons a design/build company is better than a contractor is because their designers know the latest trends, what is expected to remain popular and what isn’t. (Remember the brief moment shiny gold faucets were popular?) They can help you create a look that you’ll love – not only the day it’s complete but for years to come.

Although many homeowners initially start a kitchen remodeling project to change up the style, in the end, they realize that the changes to function actually made as big an impact. Changes as simple as replacing cabinet space with deep drawers can add significant storage. Other times, moving the refrigerator makes flow in the kitchen much more efficient.

What Makes a Functional Kitchen?

The answer to that question depends a lot on your family, how much you cook and what is important to you. However, a good kitchen triangle (the path between the stove, sink and refrigerator) needs to be well-planned. Beyond that, some elements that may make the space more functional for you include:

  • Plenty of storage for countertop appliances
  • Conveniently spaced outlets
  • Drawer space for utensils & measuring tools
  • Good lighting throughout the kitchen
  • A large prep or work space
  • Sufficient seating for your family & guests

How a Design/Build Company Can Help

After asking questions about what doesn’t work and what you don’t like about your current space, your designer can help create a space to meet your needs. Because manufacturers want their products used, they inform designers about new features that you may not even be aware of that could solve one of your pain points. From there, based on things you’ve indicated you like regarding style, the designer can make recommendations among available products. Unlike walking into a tile warehouse where you can quickly become overwhelmed, your designer will pull tile based on your preferences, which can help you find what you love faster and with less stress.

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