Creating a Living-in-Place Kitchen: A Quick Primer

When designing a home for the long term, thinking about usability and convenience is crucial. This concept is fundamental in a diligently utilitarian space like the kitchen, where functionality marries aesthetics. Living-in-place revolves around designing a home suitable for all ages, abilities, and stages of life. And when it comes to kitchen remodeling, the focus is on ensuring the design is versatile, accessible, and easy to navigate. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling shares more insight.

Creating a Living-in-Place Kitchen: A Quick Primer

Lean Towards Wide Open Spaces

Aim for a spacious kitchen. Ensure plenty of room between countertops and the island so all family members, including those using a wheelchair or walker, can move around comfortably.

Lowered Countertops and Appliances

When planning your accessible kitchen remodeling project, consider having varying counter heights for versatility, particularly a countertop lower than standard height for accommodating wheelchair-bound individuals. Also, the placement of appliances should be at a lower level for easy reach.

Prioritize Accessible Storage

Opt for drawers instead of cabinets wherever possible, as they are easier to access and typically don’t require as much reaching or bending. Install pull-out pantry shelves and lazy Susans in corner cabinets to maximize efficiency and accessibility.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Choose an anti-slip flooring material to reduce the risk of falls. This feature is especially crucial in the kitchen, where spills happen every day.

Install Proper Lighting

Opt for ample lighting in your kitchen. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting for tasks, overhead lighting for general visibility, and natural light sources through windows or a skylight to create a warm, inviting space.

Utilize Smart Technology

Install modern conveniences such as touch or voice-controlled faucets or appliances. They add comfort, convenience, and safety to the kitchen.

Implement Safety Features

Make sure the kitchen has safety features and mechanisms. These include anti-scald devices on faucets and stove shut-offs, which are beneficial for older adults with memory issues.

Design and Build Your Living-in-Place Kitchen With Us

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