COVID-Inspired Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Home décor trends span hundreds of years, while bathroom and kitchen remodeling trends are a more recent development. This is due to the availability of mass-produced products. Although you don’t ever have to follow a trend when remodeling, most people do simply because the most commonly available items are those that are popular, hence “trendy.”

COVID Inspired Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends

As people spend more time at home due to work-from-home jobs, they’re looking around and making the decision to remodel. Many see a home remodel as an easier option than a move. And in today’s market, it often is not only easier, but less expensive. Here are some trends in home remodeling we’re seeing this year:

  • Additions, especially home offices, sunrooms and mudrooms.
  • Kitchen remodeling with better space and updated appliances.
  • Reconfiguring of existing space to create a homeschool room or exercise room.
  • Creation or finishing of outdoor living spaces, like turning a patio into a covered or screened-in porch.
  • Bathroom remodeling and additions.

With coronavirus keeping more of us at home, eating in more often and the rise in homeschooling, these home remodeling trends shouldn’t be surprising.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The kitchen – that room that for many years has been a place to reheat food or grab a bowl of cereal or a sandwich – is now used to make full meals since we’re not as busy running from activity to activity. If you find that your family is cooking and eating in more, you may realize you don’t have great prep space, storage spaces or that your appliances aren’t efficient. Whatever your reason for remodeling, a few trends to consider include smart appliances, cabinets with built-in storage, shelves rather than cabinets for open storage, and hardwood flooring. We’re also seeing more bold-colored cabinet finishes and decorative as well as functional lighting as popular kitchen remodeling options.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Your family members, who perhaps were once on separate schedules, may now need more bathrooms or bathroom space. Perhaps the biggest bathroom remodeling trend has to do with the sink. In a hall bath, we’re often being asked to add a second sink. In master bathroom remodels, we’re making sure there are his-and-hers vanities.

Tile is no longer just for the floors and shower walls. Today, tile can be used throughout the bathroom and is a great option for a feature wall or backsplash. Wood-look tile is another of the popular bathroom remodeling trends. As more homeowners opt for hardwood floors in other parts of the home, they want the wood look in their bathroom too – without the worry of water damage.

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