A Homeowner’s Guide to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

So you’re ready to hire remodelers and update your kitchen. You may wonder how you’re going to survive for weeks with people in and out of your home, prepare meals without a kitchen and live with the ongoing chaos. We’ve helped homeowners just like you live through a kitchen remodel without the inconveniences they originally thought they’d have to endure! Here are the suggestions we have for any homeowner remodeling a kitchen.

Choose Experience

Not all remodelers are the same. Some have little experience and few staff members, while others are large companies with a full staff. Although the price may be lower with a small company, your timeline will likely be longer. An experienced company not only has the staff to handle the job, but the connections to assist when the unexpected comes up. 

Plan Ahead

There are many ways you can plan ahead. First, you and your remodeler should discuss the timeline. This will help you know what to expect and when. Second, if there is an alternate location for your refrigerator, have them move it before demolition. 

As for the planning you can and should do, think about things you can make in a crockpot, Instapot, microwave and on the grill. Although the prospect of eating out every day may seem fun at first, it can get quite expensive. There are also many meals that don’t require cooking. Create an area in your home to serve as your temporary kitchen. Put all the cooking things, plates and cups you’ll need in that area and pack the rest of the kitchen away. Depending on your storage situation, you may not have easy access to the stored elements from your kitchen.

Make Plans to Leave

There will be days when it will be noisy. Some days will be dusty and dirty. If the ongoing chaos that comes with remodeling will cause stress for you, your pets or your children, make plans to be away from the home. Depending on the time of year, this may mean different things. If the kids are in school each day but the noise will bother them after school, plan on heading to the library a few days a week and perhaps for a special treat one day a week. If it is summertime, consider planning your vacation during the demo. If a vacation isn’t an option, look at a picnic and hike in a local or state park, visiting museums or purchase a day pass to the local trampoline park. Don’t forget about your pets if you choose to leave. Sign them up for doggie day care or ask a friend or relative to watch them.

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