8 Must-Have Additions for Your Kitchen Remodel

Perhaps the biggest reason people remodel their kitchen is due to changing styles, however, technology and innovation are also reasons we hear for wanting an updated kitchen. Although we’ll always want certain elements in our kitchens, there are also many new ideas for a kitchen remodel. Here are some kitchen remodeling features and technology you might want to consider for your new space.

1. Wall Oven

Wall ovens have been around for years, however, some of the latest incorporate smart technology, allowing you to preheat the oven on your way home from work or from anywhere in your home. Another fairly new feature is convection ovens. Some dual units have a top oven that’s convection or microwave, while the bottom oven is convection or traditional bake.

2. Commercial Cooktop

If you’re a foodie and love to cook, consider a commercial-style cooktop that gives you more than the traditional four burners. These cooktops are gas, so you’ll need a gas line if you don’t already have one.

3. A Bar

Today, there are many types of bars homeowners add to their kitchens. The two most popular are a wine bar and a coffee bar. There’s no rule to say you can’t have both or something else altogether, but they will take up valuable counter and storage space. Some elements you can include – depending on the type of bar you want – are specialized storage, a water line, refrigerator, ice maker and condiment storage. 

4. Deep Storage Drawers

Older kitchens typically have a row of drawers beneath the cabinets and perhaps one more column of drawers elsewhere. Today’s kitchens often have drawers rather than cabinets. It’s easier to open a drawer and find what you need than trying to lean into a deep cabinet. They’re great for pots and pans, dishes and storage containers, to name just a few things your new cabinets can be made for.

5. Good Lighting

One of the worst types of lighting for the kitchen is a florescent light fixture in the center of the room. Have your kitchen remodeling company design a lighting plan for the entire space. This may include replacing the center fixture with can lighting throughout, as well as pendant lights over a bar or island. Another great way to brighten the space is with undercabinet lighting.

6. Recycling Bins

Depending on how your municipality handles recycling, you may want one or several bins for recycling. Place them next to your trash receptacle and you’ll find recycling is much more convenient than running things to the garage.

7. Prep Sink

This is another common addition during a kitchen remodel, especially for people who like to cook with their family. A small sink away from the kitchen sink is great for rinsing vegetables and filling pots. Another option if you just need to conveniently fill a pot is a pot filler over the cooktop.

8. Appliance Garage

Although these fell out of favor for a time, they’re back as a great way to keep appliances within easy reach but out of sight. They’re a cabinet on the countertop with either a roll-up cover or doors that open and slide back.

Let’s Discuss Your Dream Kitchen

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