7 Beautiful Backsplash Materials

A backsplash has a purpose. For a long time, it was simply four inches of whatever your countertop was made of. It didn’t do anything for a kitchen’s style. Then kitchen trends changed, and many homeowners switched to tile backsplashes when remodeling a kitchen. That is still a common option we see as remodelers and it’s not a bad option. However, there are many other ways to create a beautiful and dramatic backsplash that either ties the room together or is a feature all its own.

7 beautiful backsplash materials

Material Options

You may not think that there are many options for your backsplash when you begin your kitchen remodeling research. However, if you really look at images online, you’ll quickly notice that the backsplash isn’t always tile. In fact, more often than not, it’s another material. Remodelers know that homeowners are tired of cleaning grout, especially on walls. Here are some other material options to consider:

  • Granite/marble/quartz
  • Brick 
  • Stone veneer
  • Wood
  • Metal

Let’s look at these options and ways to incorporate them in depth.


We’re not suggesting a few inches here – we are suggesting covering the area from the countertop to the upper cabinet in your countertop material of choice. If your kitchen remodeling plans include two different stones, consider using the secondary one for your backsplash. This is one way of tying the room together. 


Well, it’s really a brick veneer. If you’re going for farmhouse, Old World or any other historic look in your kitchen, consider brick for the backsplash. It’s durable, comes in many options and is affordable.

Natural or Manufactured Stone Veneer

Whether you want the real thing or just something that looks like real stone, there are many options that will work for many kitchen styles. Both natural and manufactured products last in the kitchen. A manufactured product has a few advantages, namely that it’s lighter weight. You’ll also find bolder colors in manufactured products, which may be what you want in your kitchen.


Wood continues a popular backsplash material. The most common option is reclaimed wood. It’s already weathered and has a unique look, and a few water spots won’t detract from its appearance. Another popular option is shiplap. When properly installed and painted with a semi- or high-gloss finish, it’s significantly more waterproof than you may expect. Remember: some houses have wood siding and it survives. It’s all about the finish.


Remodelers have been experimenting with metal in the kitchen as of late. Our favorite is the backsplash. Copper behind the cooktop patinas beautifully over time with the help of steam and cooking oils. If you want something that gives you a clean look, tin can add to your kitchen’s style. Stamped metal is also popular. It’s like tile without the grout as the stamping pattern provides some visual interest. 

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