5 Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Don’t let the fact that you have a small kitchen stop you from completing a kitchen remodel. In fact, creating more useful space is one of the top reasons homeowners call us. With the help of a kitchen remodeling company, you may find that your updated small kitchen has everything you ever wanted!

5 Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Remodel

1. Re-Evaluate the Layout & Appliances

Even a small change to your kitchen’s layout can make for a big improvement in the usable space. Look for ways to create continuous counterspace rather than several small counters. This makes for more workspace, which is often a reason behind a kitchen remodel. One solution may be to incorporate a wall oven and cooktop rather than a stove. Even changing your refrigerator’s door style can make for more space since you may need less walkway clearance.

2. Consider Cabinet & Drawer Upgrades

When the primary goal of kitchen remodeling is additional storage, one way to go about that is with cabinets and drawers that have built-in storage. Quality cabinets come with features like full extension drawers and pull-outs in cabinets. Plus, for an additional cost, you may want to consider built-in organizers for knives, spices and storage containers so everything has its place.

3. Go All the Way Up

Depending on your ceiling height, you may currently have a gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. That unused space is a great place to add storage to your kitchen. There are two cabinet options for this space. One is taller upper cabinets. The other is to add a small cabinet on top of standard-height upper cabinets. Either way, you’ll end up with more storage, especially for seasonal or infrequently used items.

4. Re-Evaluate Seating

If you have a separate eating area, you may want to consider different seating options. For example, a bench seat on one side of a table takes up less space than individual chairs. Or if you don’t often use the whole table, consider adding some counter-height seating and stools that slide under the counter when not in use. Incorporating a seating area can add significant space for cabinets or storage during a kitchen remodel.

5. Use Color to Make It Feel Bigger

Sometimes, part of the small kitchen remodeling challenge is that the space feels small. There are several ways to fix this. One is high-gloss finishes on your countertops and backsplashes. This will reflect more light. Of course, adding natural or artificial light and choosing light-colored cabinets and paint will also help make the space feel larger.

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