3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Today’s Homeowners

If you’re like most families, your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. It may be where you do homework, entertain and eat as well. If your kitchen isn’t working for you or you’re tired of the dated look, it’s time to contact a kitchen remodeling company. However, before you do, here are some tips to help you with the initial conversation with the remodelers.

3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Todays Homeowners

Think About Your Needs

Your dream kitchen and that of a friend will be quite different. Every family and cook has different needs. Being able to relay your “must-haves” to a kitchen remodeling company will help ensure that their initial design is close to what you want. And don’t just think about today – you want your kitchen remodel to serve your needs for years to come. Here are some common needs among homeowners:

  • Ample countertop space
  • Good lighting
  • Organized storage space
  • More or better cooking options
  • Better-positioned or more electrical outlets
  • Larger appliance space
  • A good seating area, either at a bar or a table & chairs

Settle On Some Design Ideas

One of the reasons we hire remodelers is because they’re experts at design. However, they need to know your taste and some things you’d like to see in your kitchen. Perhaps your vision was inspired by a farmhouse sink. Maybe you like to entertain and having a bar area in your kitchen would be a dream come true. Or maybe you just want better sight lines with an open floor plan area. Whatever’s most important to you in your new kitchen, mention it to your remodelers early in the process.

Also try to think about how you might use your new kitchen. Are you trying to have a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps a place that you can leave fresh fruit on the counter would be a way to do that. Maybe you’re tired of people underfoot when you’re cooking, and you want to give them a place to sit where you can still converse. Do you have lots of countertop appliances you’d like easy access to? Consider an appliance dock.

Create a Wish List

It’s hard to know how much a kitchen remodel will cost. As you think about your must-haves, also put a wish list together. Maybe some desk space in the kitchen would help keep you organized and allow your little one a space to do homework while you’re preparing dinner. Maybe you’ve dreamed of a double convection oven or a certain cooktop. Your wish list can include elements just for decorative purposes: perhaps some open shelving and features that will make your kitchen better organized, like drawers with built-in custom storage. 

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