What Does ‘Contemporary’ Home Remodeling Really Mean?

When you reach out to a remodeling contractor, one of the first questions, no matter how large or small your home remodeling project, will likely be, “Do you have a style in mind?” If all you know is that you want something with clean lines that’s current and stylish, they might suggest a contemporary home remodel. Contemporary home remodeling generally includes an emphasis on natural light, clean lines and open floor plans. 

What Does Contemporary Home Remodeling Really Mean

It’s different from modern styling in that modern designs have more curves and use more natural wood. Both have elements of minimalism, but you’ll find a wider color palette in modern décor. Today’s modern style takes its influence from the 1920-50s, while contemporary takes inspiration from that time – as well as more current designs. 

Whole Home Contemporary Remodel

If you’re talking to a remodeling contractor about a whole home remodel, they’ll probably suggest opening up your floor plan (if it’s not already open) if you really want a contemporary style. Removing walls can increase the expense of the remodel, especially when one of those walls is structural. They may also suggest adding some shiplap, tongue-and-groove board or even a plank ceiling. This will add lines to the area which is a key element of contemporary design.

Rearranging the space isn’t enough to create a contemporary-style home. As you’re planning the elements of your home remodeling project, look at creating clean lines within the open spaces. Hanging light fixtures in metal or bold colors is a good element to add. The key is that the rooms flow seamlessly from one to the next. Common paint colors are black, white and anything saturated and bold.  You may also need new furnishings to complete the look.

Contemporary Kitchen

One of the key elements of a contemporary kitchen is clean-looking cabinets. Generally, you’ll want a painted flat-panel cabinet with drawer pulls that are simple and non-decorative. Metal is also a common feature in a contemporary kitchen including metal backsplashes and countertops. You won’t find a lot of countertop or wall décor in a contemporary kitchen because you want to keep the clean lines.

Contemporary Bathroom

If you’re looking for a contemporary bathroom, you have many options. You’ll want cabinets like those suggested for the kitchen. Vessel sinks are common in contemporary bathroom remodels. When you choose one with clean lines in a metal or a bold color and add a clean and simple tile, your contemporary bathroom will really look sharp. When designing floor tile, make sure to do so in lines; don’t try to create a pattern.

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