Trending in Additions: The Home Office

There are two top additions today: the home office and the flex space, which is often being used as a e-learning room or homeschool area. According to a global survey by Slack, the office of the past – where everyone worked Monday through Friday on a 40-hour work week – may never return. Combine that with the growth of sole proprietorships, independent contractors and those who have a side hustle, a home office is more of a necessity than ever before. If you’re considering working with a design/build company to create a home office, here are some things to discuss for your new space.

Trending in Additions The Home Office

Is It Just a Home Office?

Will the space be yours alone? Do you want to be able to write it off as a home office on your taxes? If so, don’t add a second desk, your home computer, a video game system or a couch. With any of these elements in place, you will have a hard time answering yes to the IRS’s questions about whether the space is exclusively an at-home workspace.

The Office Layout

You’ll have a lot more flexibility with your layout if your new office is part of a home addition. If you’re using existing space in your home, like a basement, or remodeling to create space for an office, your layout may be more limited. One way to get the most out of your space is with built-ins. Choose a wall that you want your desk against, or even include the desk as part of the built-in area. Have your designer add plenty of outlets at the right height. If you like having a television, plan where that is going and if you need an ethernet jack, connection for your cable or outlet there. If you need lots of desk space, consider an L-shaped desk. Have an area for writing and an area for computer work.

The Closet Conundrum

Let’s talk about closets. In order for a room to be considered a bedroom in a home, it must have a built-in closet. If you’re working with limited space, you may not want to include a closet, however, if you’re thinking resale, adding a closet might be a good idea. You can build it out to hold a file cabinet and include shelves rather than a clothes hanging bar, and let the next homeowner decide if the space is an office or bedroom. 

Plenty of Light

Light can come from different sources. One of the benefits of additions is that you can add plenty of natural light. This will help reduce eye strain from working on the computer. If your home office is in the basement, you may want to add some light in front of you for good lighting when you’re on video calls, plus some overhead light. A ceiling fan with light is always a good option, no matter where your office is going.

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