Top Questions to Ask Your Aging-in-Place Contractor

Aging-in-place renovations let you stay and live independently in your home. As you age, you can achieve this by adding features supporting your physical and health conditions. That said, you want an excellent contractor to build your forever home.  

Top Questions to Ask Your Aging-in-Place Contractor

Ask the following questions to make sure you’ve found the right remodeling company for your project.

Is It Going to Look Like a Hospital?

For most older adults, aging in place means converting their home into something that looks like a hospital. Your remodeling company must be able to explain how the new features focus on improving your spaces aesthetically and functionally according to your specific needs.

What Are the Best Features to Add Based on My Capabilities?

A CAPS-certified contractor anticipates your present and future health issues in their design. They will consider your health in the next 10 years. For instance, they may add grab bars and non-slip floors and convert your tub into a shower in anticipation of mobility issues. Then, they might present additional features to add within the next decade based on your condition.

How Much Will It Cost?

An aging-in-place remodel costs almost the same as a regular project. Reliable CAPS contractors, such as G.M. Roth Design Remodeling, do not charge additional fees for specialized modifications that will aid in your health. That said, your contractor should provide you with a quote including materials, labor, and other costs.

When Is the Right Time to Remodel?

There’s no perfect time to remodel. If you have enough to invest in a home remodel and feel like it’s time to replace some broken features, an old bathtub, or anything that’s deteriorating and needs improvement, you should do so.

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