Tips to Help You Prioritize Home Remodeling Projects

As longtime remodelers in Nashua, we’ve helped homeowners with every type of remodeling project. More often today than even five years ago, homeowners have multiple remodels they want done in their home, often including bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. However, they may run into a barrier: their wish list is bigger than their budget. Because it’s becoming an increasingly common question, we have some insight as to how to prioritize your various remodeling projects. Start by asking yourself these questions.

tips to help you prioritize home remodeling projects

Questions to Ask

What project will provide the biggest impact for my family?

Depending on your wish list and your family, answering this question will help you make the right decision, not just for your wants but also your needs. For some families, it’s a bathroom addition or major bathroom remodeling project. For others, it’s opening up the floorplan so that they have a kitchen they can live and work in. Still others realize the answer is another bedroom, home office or play space for kids.

How will that project impact my family during construction?

Think about the project and what inconveniences it brings. Talk to your remodeling company about the expected duration of the project. Let’s say you decide that you want to remodel the bathroom and that leaves your family with only one. Consider how that will impact everyone getting off to school and work each day. If kitchen remodeling is the project you want to focus on and your contractor tells you that you’ll be without a kitchen for a month, are you okay with eating out and cooking by microwave, instant pot and crock pot or on the grill during the remodel — or is another time of year better to begin your kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Find the Right Design/Build Company

As you look at your wish list for the various remodeling projects in your home, you want to find one company that can help you with all phases. That means don’t hire just a bathroom remodeling company or kitchen remodeling specialist; find a design/build company that can handle all the projects on your list. Hiring a design/build company also comes with benefits. For example, they may be able to recommend projects that can be done simultaneously which, although may come with a greater cost initially, will save you in the long run. And, when you find something you love, like a cabinet line or finish, they’ll know exactly what they used and will be able to order it again.

Let Our Team Help You

As an experienced design/build company, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling can help you with a whole-home remodel, whether in stages or all at once. We want to be the only company you call, no matter how big or small the changes you want for your home. Call G.M. Roth today at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form for a free in-home consultation. We service communities from Manchester south to the northwestern suburbs of Boston, and are fully licensed and insured in both states.

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