The Benefits of Aging in Place

Aging in place brings many benefits to homeowners. Growing old in your own home is much more affordable and helps your mental and emotional wellness.  

The Benefits of Aging in Place

In this post, trusted kitchen remodeling company G.M. Roth Design Remodeling shares more of the advantages of aging in place.

Aging in Place: A Home That Takes Care of You

The idea behind aging in place is to build a home around your needs as you age. The purpose of this remodeling principle is to let you take care of yourself as best as possible. For instance, you can have a tub-to-shower conversion because it will be physically challenging to stand up from the tub as you age. You can also widen passages for better navigation, add wheelchair ramps and switch to brighter lights to illuminate your space and improve your vision.

The Benefits of Aging in Place

  • Independence

Aging in place lets you live independently as you get older. You won’t lose the freedom you’ve enjoyed in the past years. Independence through aging in place can inspire and empower you to live the best life despite some physical limitations.

  • A Space Suited to Your Needs

A home built around your needs will take care of you. You’ll have a kitchen designed to help you reach the kitchen essentials, open the gas and run the stove more easily. The cabinets will be lowered, so you won’t have to use a chair to get glassware and dinnerware and put yourself at risk of falling. Your home and kitchen remodeling company can recommend other ways to improve your space with your needs in mind.

  •  Savings

An aging-in-place remodel is a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run. Nursing home expenses can run high as you age and require specialized care. Aging in place, you might only need assistance from an individual healthcare professional to assist you in a home that meets your needs.

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