Solving Your Space Issues With a Home Remodel

Moving isn’t fun. With available houses for sale in short supply, finding a home that meets all your needs, where you want, isn’t easy. If your only real issue with your home is the space, consider talking to a remodeling company about a home remodel. You may be surprised to find that they can create the room you need either out of the space you have or by strategically adding onto your home.

solving your space issues with a home remodel

Remove Walls

We know what you’re thinking: you need more space, not less. Follow this train of thought. If you currently have a separate kitchen with eating area and dining room, how are you using those spaces? What happens if your remodeling company takes down the wall between the two, rearranges the layout of the kitchen and incorporates one dining area that can be both formal and informal, depending on how you decorate it? Now you have some extra space that can be utilized as a home office, school room or whatever you need it to be.

Move Walls

Families lived very differently 50, 30 and even 20 years ago. That means that houses were designed for the way families lived back then. Perhaps your home doesn’t work for your family because there isn’t enough closet space. Maybe you have kids and not enough bedrooms. When you need more space, sometimes the solution is to move walls to better utilize the space you have. 

Repurpose a Room

Do you have a basement, bonus room or den that was originally your kid’s playroom? Have they outgrown it and the space sits largely empty these days? What do you need in your home now? Repurposing a room is one of the most affordable ways to get the space you need from the space you have without a major home remodel.

Fix Your Storage Situation

We know many of the homes in our area don’t have great storage. If your issue is that you have too much stuff and nowhere to put it, talk to your remodeling company about what you need more space for. A mudroom can provide ample storage for sports gear, off-season coats and jackets, and even holiday decorations. Need space for sheets, towels and other bathroom essentials? Look at the layout and storage in your current bathroom. Maybe the best place to start is by fixing the storage there. 

The kitchen is most often where families need more storage space. Although a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking, it alone can often solve a storage dilemma. Today’s kitchens have more drawer space. Drawers are more easily accessible, making the entire cabinet useful, whereas older cabinets are often half-empty because no one can reach the back of it easily. 

Don’t Move – Remodel Where You Are

With home prices still soaring, a home remodel is often a more affordable option than moving. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling offers free consultations for kitchen, bath and whole-home remodels. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form. We serve communities surrounding the greater Nashua area north to the Manchester area and south into Massachusetts.

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