Smart Home Technology to Include in Your Remodel

Whether you’re planning a whole-home remodel, kitchen remodel or remodeling a bathroom, you should look at the available smart home devices and incorporate them during your remodel. As a remodeling company, we know it’s much easier (and more affordable) to incorporate these features during the remodeling process rather than after the fact. 

smart home technology to include in your remodel

You may be asking yourself, “Are smart devices really necessary?” Our honest is answer is no, they aren’t. However, depending on the device, they come with a variety of benefits. The biggest are the savings they can bring in energy, water and time.

Smart Elements for Your Whole-Home Remodel

Although you may not be doing a whole-home remodel, no matter which room or rooms you’re remodeling, we have three that we recommend to almost every homeowner.

  1. Light switches – Most people know that light adds security around the home. However, when we’re not home, we either have to leave them on 24/7 or off. You can program smart light switches to come on a dusk and go off at dawn. Or, you can turn them on and off remotely from your phone. You can add smart switches to indoor areas too for added home security and convenience.
  2. Smart thermostats – Even if you’re not planning a whole-home remodel, you should install a smart thermostat. You may be surprised at how much you save on heating and cooling with this $200 piece of technology. And the convenience (if your plans chance and you come home early or stay away longer) can’t be matched by any conventional thermostat.
  3. Water circulator – We all know that running water to get hot water is a waste. A water circulator circulates the hot water to be at your sink when you need it. Older models ran 24/7. But if you’re only home certain hours of the day, it wastes energy. Smart models are programable to run at certain times of the day or with your phone you can activate it.

Bathroom Remodeling Technology

Of course, the water circulator and smart thermostat will benefit you in the bathroom. Although there’s not specific smart technology to consider for your bathroom, there are a few pieces of technology to talk to your remodeling company about. One of our favorites is the timer fan switch. Instead of running the exhaust fan until you remember to turn it off, it goes off after a set amount of time. (And today’s options aren’t the loud round knob style, they are buttons.) Also, consider outlets with USB-style plugs. It will make recharging your toothbrush, phone, watch and other things easier. If you like music, think about Bluetooth speakers as well.

Smart Kitchen Technology

One of the challenges for many in a kitchen remodel is working in a budget. As a remodeling company, we often see people skip the smart technology because of the added cost. Granted, most smart kitchen technology offers convenience over anything else. However, before you cut these from your budget, think about the time or frustration savings you’ll have if you can preheat your oven on the way home from work. Or, if you’re in the grocery store, look inside your smart refrigerator with the Wi-Fi camera connected to your phone. No more wondering if you have milk or coming home to realize you needed something as you put away your purchases.

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