Home Remodeling Tips for a Short-Term Rental

One of the most popular remodeling projects we’re asked about is creating a space for a short-term rental. And, because a short-term rental often includes many of the same elements as an in-law apartment, we have experience in designing and building that type of space. If you’re considering this upgrade for your home, here are some things to consider before you begin construction.

home remodeling tips for a short term rental

Local Zoning

As Airbnb and other short-term rentals grew in popularity, many cities and towns put limits on these types of rentals. Before you invest your time or money into remodeling or a home addition, make sure it’s allowed where you are and that there aren’t plans to limit them. The last thing you want is to spend the money without a means to recoup your investment! Beyond the zoning regarding rental properties, if you are considering a home addition as part of your plan, you also need to understand setback and anything else that could impact your building plans.

The Most Desirable Features

When you decide to create a space on your property to generate income, you need to understand what people want. Here are a few things that we know are important to many people seeking a short-term rental property:

  • Separate entrance with self-check-in
  • Off-street parking
  • Kitchenette including refrigerator, sink, coffee maker & microwave
  • Full bathroom
  • Sufficient & convenient power for charging devices
  • Natural light 

Of course, once the design and build are complete, you’ll want to add many other touches including items for convenience, safety and comfort.

Maximizing Space

You want to make the most of the space so that it’s booked as often as possible. That means additional touches that will add value to your space. If you have a very small space, consider a Murphy bed. It can be flipped down when needed without taking up the space that a bed would, and it’s much more comfortable than an air mattress or pull-out couch! It may even be a way to have two beds in a smaller space — one that’s always a bed and then the Murphy bed. 

Although cabinets in a kitchenette are nice, they do add to the budget and take up a lot more space than shelving. Plus, with shelves, someone staying more than a few days can put their food, travel cups and other items on it and see them when they pack up. One item often missing from hotels are places to hang wet towels. Make sure to include plenty of towel bars and hooks in the bathroom. It’s an inexpensive convenience for your renters.

Remodel or Home Addition?

This really comes down to your current space and budget. If you choose a home remodel, it’s likely that the timeline will be shorter than if you choose a home addition. Remodeling also means you’re constrained by the space you have and your property. However, an addition can be exactly what you want it to be. 

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