Does Design-Build Cost More Than Traditional Construction?

Design-build construction is often considered as a more expensive method over traditional construction, despite its apparent advantages. In today’s post, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling examines the differences between these methods and why design-build is, more often than not, the more cost-effective method.

Does Design-Build Cost More Than Traditional Construction?

Design-Build vs. Traditional Construction

Before we discuss cost aspects, let’s define the differences between these two construction methods. Traditional construction, also known as design-bid-build construction, involves separate entities responsible for every stage. The client hires an architect to design the project and come up with blueprints, compares bids, and chooses builders who will complete the building stage of the project. In comparison, design-build construction has a single company or contractor responsible for all stages, from conception to completion.

Is Design-Build More Cost-Effective?

One of the key advantages of design-build construction is its simplicity: instead of working with multiple contractors, the client or homeowner only needs one. It streamlines the following aspects of a project:

  • Timeline. With only one company to work with, you can expect a shorter project timeline. A design-build remodeler or builder manages the project from the beginning, which eliminates the bidding stage and the transition from design to build, which can also help reduce costs. On the other hand, traditional construction generally involves a longer timeline because you’d have to manage the transition between design and build. Should the builder need information from the architect, your presence would be needed every time.
  • Change orders. The design-build method typically requires fewer change orders as the design-build remodeler would have a better understanding of the project’s scope, with more accurate budget management. This ultimately results in better control over the project cost, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Communication. Communication is limited to just between client and design-build contractor, which makes the process streamlined and helps avoid delays and costly mistakes. In projects that require work from additional contractors such as plumbers and smart home installers, the builder or remodeler oversees their work. All you will need to do is make key decisions that weren’t made during the planning stages.

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