Creating Your Ideal Flex Space

A flex space has many names and just as many purposes. Decades ago, builders and remodelers called this space a rec room. Today, in addition to “flex space,” we often hear the term “multipurpose room.” Perhaps the easiest way to get the space you need is through a basement remodel. Other options may be to finish an attic space, build a space above the garage, or build a new addition. Some homeowners may even sacrifice their garage for this new multipurpose room.

Creating Your Ideal Flex Space

What Can a Flex Space Include?

That’s the beauty of a flex space! It can include whatever your family needs. Here are some elements we’ve added in flex spaces:

  • Workspace for an adult working from home
  • Desks for e-learning & homeschooling families
  • Exercise equipment including mirrors, ballet bar & integrated sound system
  • Media space for movie viewing & gaming
  • Music room for practicing, composing & listening
  • Craft space
  • Play area
  • Sleeping area for guests

What you include in your new space is limited only by your budget and the space you have available. The larger the budget, the more likely there is money for an addition so you won’t necessarily be limited by space.

Basement Flex Spaces

As remodelers serving southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, we have the benefit of many homes having a basement. Finishing a basement or a basement remodel are both great ways to create the space you need. As you’re planning a new space, think about your must-haves, then think about any elements that you would like to have in your new space. As you and your designer discuss what you need and want, they can help you create a space that includes as much of your list as possible. 


Finishing an attic often has a few more construction elements than a basement remodel. Your remodelers may have to figure out where to add a stairway for access, windows for natural light and a mini-split system to heat and cool the space. One advantage of an attic over a basement is that it is generally brighter, which may benefit you if you’re working from home or if your family chooses a home-based learning approach.


If you have the space on your property for an addition, this is an ideal approach. You and your design/build company can create the addition size you want and need. Of course, any addition often comes with a hefty budget, however, if you design the room right, you can increase your property value tremendously.

Think Creatively

No matter what you want in your flex space, how big a space you have to remodel and the budget you have to build, be creative. We can create what you need, even in smaller spaces. Some examples are to use barn doors to enclose an office space so kids can play in the space in the evenings without disturbing your desk. Adding a Murphy bed can make your flex space usable as a guest room. Installing durable flooring and desks with rollers can allow you to move school desks out of the way to utilize the space as a home gym after the school day.

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