Convenient Remodeling Ideas for Today’s Busy Family

Today’s families are busier than ever. As you begin working with a kitchen or bathroom remodeling company, be sure to talk about your lifestyle. That will help them understand what may make your day-to-day routine easier. Here are some ideas you can bring up.

Convenient Remodeling Ideas for Todays Busy Family

Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Preparing meals takes time. If you can find ways to make cooking easier, you should incorporate them into your kitchen remodeling plans. Here are a few things you might want to add to your kitchen “must have” list.

  • Smart appliances – Ovens that can be preheated from your smartphone allow you to get dinner started while on the way home. Refrigerators with cameras can reduce trips to the grocery store when you didn’t make a list.
  • Convection cooking – Convection ovens shorten the time that it takes to cook many things. That can make meal preparation time significantly shorter.
  • Prep sink – When there are several people working in the kitchen, a dedicated prep sink can help everyone do their jobs without interfering with one another.
  • Substantial storage – Pantry storage space allows for fewer trips to the store. A larger refrigerator and freezer allow for meal prepping on the weekends. Drawers and cabinets with enough storage help you find things you need, when you need them.

Your kitchen remodeling company can also help with design. A well-designed kitchen is more efficient than a poorly designed one. 

Bathroom Efficiency Ideas

Although the idea of adding a bathroom may be appealing, not every family has the space or budget to make this a reality. There are other solutions. For example, adding an additional sink in an existing bathroom can allow for two people to brush teeth at the same time. A common bathroom remodeling trick is to add a door between the shower and toilet and the sink. This allows one person privacy in the bath area while another washes up.

If there isn’t space in your existing bathroom for another sink, consider adding a sink and countertop in a bedroom. A wet vanity in a bedroom can provide the solution you need without requiring more space in the bathroom itself.

Other Remodeling Ideas to Increase Efficiency

If you find your bathroom overtaken by drying clothes, consider enlarging your laundry room. When you need a space for sports equipment and to hang wet winter gear, look at a mudroom addition. An efficient home doesn’t necessarily need to be a large home; it just needs to be well-organized and accommodating for the family.

We’re Ready to Make Your Home Work For You

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